The Foundation of Sharon Marble MD’s Career

October 28, 2016
The experiences one makes between their education to their career is a great way to distinguish what type of professional they will become. It also is the time in which many people grow the most and develop the most as professionals. In Sharon Marble MD’s case, one can see her great to desire to always be growing throughout this time.

When Sharon Marble MD finished her education, she was eager and ready to begin helping people. The first job she took on was at the Mendota Mental Health Institute as a Medical Officer. This position was of the moonlighting variety and gave her the opportunity to see all types of patients with all kinds of conditions. This great opportunity for learning was not lost on Sharon Marble MD and she utilized it to the best of her abilities to both help her patients and expand her knowledge base. Because the facility was a State of Wisconsin mental health facility that housed both forensic as well as civil patients, the variety of treatment needs was great.

Working in an environment with a variety of treatment tactics is one of the best ways for a new doctor to gather a large amount of practical knowledge and experience in a small amount of time. This allowed her to gain knowledge regarding all types of patients which would help her become prepared for her future practice.